Instead of Transferring Liquid Using The Old School Way, Thereby Spilling It Everywhere And Wasting It At The Same Time Messing The Whole Place Up;

You Can Transfer Liquid Carefully And Efficiently Without Stressing, Using This Automatic Liquid Pump

What You Can Do With This Tool:

  • Use It To Transfer Water From Tank To A Bucket
  • Use It To Drain Water From Any Container Or Storage
  • Use It To Suck Out Fuel From The Tank Of A Car Or Generator Into A Galon
  • Use It To Transfer Fuel/Diesel From A Galon Into The Tank Of A Car Or Generator

These machine was specially created to make transfer of liquids less stressful and automated in order to reduce wastage.

It Can Be Used Both Indoors

And Outdoors

Its Uses Batteries

We Also Offer FREE SHIPPING and A 6 Months Warranty. Meaning if there’s any mechanical fault on the Liquid Pump, you will be refunded 

Payment On Delivery + Free Shipping

Yes, I Want The New 2022 Automatic Liquid Pump

Normal Price = 5000 GHS

You Will Get A Massive Discount Of 1000 KSH Before The Timer Hits Zero

Promo Price = 4000 KSH

Get A Further Discount Of 200 KSH For Two Orders And Above

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